The beauty of wallpaper ... at the price of ordinary paint!"


Letters from our files


The tool works as promised!POPULAR MECHANICS Home and Shop Editor:
'I have tested the tool and find that it works as promised.'

'Roller Greats! Design painting procedure is easy.'

'Design painting gives you the look of wallpaper for the price of paint.'

'It's a lovely way to dress up foyer, and room.'

'Here is a cross between painting and papering that's easier than either one.'

'A well developed technique for dressing blank walls quickly and at low cost. The results speak for themselves.'

'This machine performs magic.'

'No-Paper Wallpaper: Make Money the Easy Way.'

'98% profit margin for wallprinting.'

'Design painting is catching on in the U.S.'



'I had my walls design painted 20 years ago and it lasted for 12 years.'
     - P.B. - St. Ann, MO

'I just returned from a trip out west and saw what a beautiful job your rollers did on the white background of cinder blocks. The rooms in the Best Western Motel were most attractive.'
     - M.S. - Middletown, IL

'All our guests naturally assume that our living room is wallpapered. When I tell them it is paint they are truly amazed. They actually look for the seam! You can't imagine the compliments we have received.'
     - R.B.E. - Wheaton, MD

'There is not a person who comes into my home who does not remark on how much the Liquid Wallpaper adds to the beauty of the rooms.'
     - J.B. - Phoenix, AZ

'From the moment I had one of my walls painted and showed it off I have been plagued with people who want to have theirs done. It is everything you say it is! Please rush this order to me and accept my thanks for a new found business enterprise.'
     - L.W. - Baton Rouge, LA

'It certainly makes a lot more sense than wallpaper.'
     - P.L.G. - Lancaster, PA

From Hotels, Hospitals, Theaters, Commercial Buildings, etc.:

'We are totally satisfied with the wallprinting done by your dealer. The day we met him was a blessing. We found that wallprinting our concrete block walls was 50% less expensive than other types of wallcoverings. Our total contract was only $7,460. It has been over a year since the work was done and to date we have found no defects in the workmanship.

The speed of wallprinting is astonishing. We have 127 rooms and the entire job was done in less than a month, with practically no inconvenience to our housekeeping staff. Because of the quick drying feature we were able to rent the rooms the same day they were wallprinted.'

     - M.S.R. - Ramada Hospitality Group

'All the hallways of our 60 story apartment complex are painted with design rollers.'
     - Eldorado Towers - White Oak, MD

'I was fortunate to be in Front Royal, VA where I stayed in a room done with your roller at the Twi-Lite Motel. The owner said this one room has been a very good conversation piece with everyone who has stayed here.'
     - A.C.R - Madison, WI

'The hospital where I work is using wallprinting to paint the walls. They are beautiful. As you know, in a hospital you must have something you can wash often and this design painting is perfect. You can wash the walls and still get away from the typical drab hospital rooms.'
     - M.B. - Glendale, CA

'We have seen design painting used on our motel in Cocoa Beach and are very pleased with the results.'
     - J.F. - Cocoa Beach, FL

'We have one room painted with a design in our nursing home and it is just great.'
     - Texas Healthcare Facilities



What I earn from my wallprinting portion of a given job far exceeds the profits I would make from painting, as well as giving me a tremendous competitive advantage other painters don't have.'
- B.P. - California painting contractor/wallprinter


'A short while ago we ordered your entire equipment and training package and we have been very pleased with the quality and performance of your equipment thus far. The training manual is thorough and professionaly done. We found it easy to understand and its completeness will make it possible for us to get a very positive start in our new business.'
- D.D.P. - Albany, NY


'I am very pleased with UnWallpaper equipment. It is amazing how well it prints detail. I also appreciate the advice that you are willing to give me when I have a technical problem. Thank you for introducing me to the wallprinting business.'
- R.L.R - Chicago, IL


'I am in the process of hiring 5 more salespersons and 3 more painters to keep up with demand for Design Painting.'
- C.G.J. - Miami, FL


'I have been very happy working in the wallprinting business. It provides good sources of income, personal satisfaction, and lots of happy customers. Thank You.'
- M.W. - Middleburg, OH