The beauty of wallpaper ... at the price of ordinary paint!"


Q: What is Rollerwall™ design painting?

Design painting with Rollerwall is an amazing way to decorate walls. Using a technique called wallprinting, it actually prints a wallpaper pattern directly on walls using any latex paint. It looks just like wallpaper, but costs as little as ordinary paint, and lasts twice as long as either!

Q: How does the pattern come down the wall straight?

Did you take one look at Rollerwall and say to yourself: "Wow, this looks great, but how am I supposed to keep the roller straight down the wall? I can't even draw a straight line!"

Don't worry, it's much easier than all that. Do you want to hear a secret? Rollerwall pattern rollers do NOT need to be applied nearly as straight as actual wallpaper!

It's true. With wallpaper, even the slightest alignment error will be noticed immediately. Not so with Rollerwall. Because you print only a design directly on the wall (the background color comes from the color of the wall itself), small variations in the alignment of the pattern will be invisible. You do not need to mark off the wall, or use any alignment markers at all.

All you need to do is start in the corner of the room, and simply roll your first vertical pass down the edge of the wall, using the corner as your guide. This first pass will serve as your guide for the next pass, and so on down the wall. It's all done quickly and easily, without any markers or plumb lines needed. Anyone can do it!
Q: Do i need special paints or glazes, like faux painting?
No. Wallprinting works with any ordinary latex paint. Unlike faux finishing, which is very time consuming and requires a lot of skill and special glazes, wallprinting can be easily done the first time without any experience.
Q: What if the walls are not perfectly plumb?

Unlike wallpaper, where even small errors in placement of the paper can be seen, wallprinting only puts a pattern on the wall, so small differences can't be noticed.

Q: What about rough or textured walls?

The design rollers are flexible enough to fill in rough, textured or uneven walls, including cinder block. Even walls that are too rough to be wallpapered can be beautifully wallprinted. You can even roll the pattern directly into wet plaster to achieve a textured look without any paint at all.

Q: What if I make a mistake on the wall?

No problem. Errors are easily touched up or erased with a dab of paint. Wallprinting cannot damage walls.

Q: How does the roller get into corners?

Wallprinting creates its own natural half-inch border. The border is attractive, just like the frame around a picture. It can be seen by looking carefully at some of the pictures in our wall gallery.

Q: What about light sockets, air registers, and other obstacles?

They are easily removed with a screwdriver. It takes only about ten minutes to prepare an average room for wallprinting.

Q: What about windows/doors, small spaces, sloped ceilings, etc.?

A simple masking technique ensures that every part of every wall gets completely wallprinted. There is no wall or room that cannot be successfully wallprinted.

Q: Is wallprinting better than wallpaper?

Yes, because it cannot peel or tear, there are no seams, and it never needs to be steamed off. Wallprinting is easily removed by repainting.

Q: How does wallprinting compare with the cost of wallpaper or paint?

Wallprinting is much cheaper than wallpaper. It is even cheaper than an ordinary paint job, because a patterned wall hides dirt so well that it lasts twice as long.

Q: Where are your rollers manufactured?

Our design rollers are proudly made in the USA to exacting standards, and are completely round and without seams!  Beware of cheaper Chinese made knock-offs - rollers made in China each contain two long seams which may show on the wall. 

Q: Why haven't I seen wallprinting before?

You probably have, but you thought it was wallpaper. Wallprinting has been used in thousands of hotel/motel rooms, apartment buildings, condos, hospitals, nursing homes, theaters, and even on network TV shows! The famous Radio City Music Hall was wallprinted during a major renovation. Millions of walls have already been decorated with wallprinting.

Q: What if I have more questions?

Contact us anytime!  We will be more than happy to answer any of your questions.