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Better than Faux Finish Painting!

Faux Finish Painting with Rollerwall

Are you thinking about faux finishing instead of ordinary painting? Now you can have the beauty of wallpaper, but at the cost of ordinary paint, with the new Rollerwall Design Painting and Decorating System.

Using our unique rubber pattern rollers, Rollerwall is better than faux finish painting and stencil painting combined! With just a single pattern roller, you can decorate an entire room with a complete faux-wallpaper look in just about an hour. And the only supplies needed are the Rollerwall roller and applicator system, and your choice of any ordinary house paint. It's really just that easy!

People are quietly earning $100 per hour or more in the unique business of wallprinting, using our Design Painting and Decorating System. Find out more about this great new business opportunity...

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